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LAST CHANCE to catch OUT:SPOKEN at the Free Fringe

Tomorrow is the final show for this year’s festival – and it’s a fine line-up to be going out on:


Adele Hampton – all the way from the US, bringing us some beautiful slam,  she represented her city at the national poetry slam in 2013, is currently ranked the number 2 gay poet in the world (for the second year running) and is about to be published in an anthology personally curated by Andrea Gibson (who is one of my heroes).

Keith Jarrett – who has a mix of honesty and humour that makes me really happy. He’s come up from London – not quite as far as Adele, but still a rare chance to see him!

Colin McGuire – home grown wonderfulness, host of Talking Heids, and a man like no other. He has a poem which includes the phrase “octopus clitoris” – I don’t know how you can resist that!


Two open mic’ers will be joining them! See you there…


OUT:SPOKEN at the Free Fringe: episode 2

Coming up on Wednesday 13th at 14:50 in the Banshee Labyrinth (Niddry Street):

Jo Clifford, aka Jesus Queen of Heaven – playwright, performer, teacher, maker of queer and beautiful life-affirming things.

Fay Roberts, impresario of the 5* Other Voices Spoken Word Cabaret and poet of calm loveliness.

Hannah Chutzpah, zombie activist poet, with her own show at the Free Fringe this year, Asking Nicely

and an exciting last-minute addition, Dominic Berry – one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and joyful spoken word performers I’ve seen in a while!

Free entry, everyone welcome – don’t miss it!